COVID-19 Related Products

Contact us covid NEWThe Allied Group has distributor relationships with many companies that supply healthcare related materials including high priority items due to the COVID-19 crisis. Our goal is to keep you informed of the options and the risks associated with these products.

While we make every effort to source high quality product from reliable distributors, there may be unforeseen issues with quality, delivery or substitution. Clients must balance the need to place orders before inventory is depleted with taking time for due diligence on the exact quality and specification of the product.

In these unprecedented times it is important to note that:

  • Availability and pricing fluctuates hourly
  • Prepayment required
  • No returns and/or cancellations for COVID-19 related products
  • Delivery may be delayed or cancelled by forces outside of our control
  • Labeling and Packaging may differ as new manufacturers and distributors are now sourcing in response to product shortages

Please speak with your Allied sales representative about your specific situation so that we can collaborate on the best way to support you and your organizations.


Emergency Response Catalog Sani-Pen Antibacterial Pens
Protective Safety Goggles Splash Protectors Sanitizer Gel Packs UV Phone Sterilizer
Disposable Shoe Covers Sanitizer Single Wipe Easy Clean Lanyards
Single Use Face Shield 4oz Hand Sanitizer - USA Made Floor Graphics
No Contact Infrared Thermometer 8oz Hand Sanitizer Stop The Spread Magnet
Forehead Thermometer 2oz Hand Sanitizer Tissues 10 ct
Touchless Forehead Infrared Thermometer 8oz Hand Sanitizer With Pump UV Light Sterilizers
Touchless Forehead Infrared Thermometer_Option 2 Hand Sanitizer_Surface Wipe - Canister COVID-19 Lapel Pins
FDA and CE Certified 3-Ply Face Mask – Antiviral         Brandanas – Pantone Matched
Face Shields – USA Made   4-ply Cotton Masks
Protective Isolation Face Shield Transparent – Antiviral        Headband with Button
Non-woven Bouffant Cap    Ribbon #StaySafe Car Magnet
Safety Glasses    Social Distancing Floor Decals
Strip Thermometer    Bammie – Multi-Use Headwear
Disposable Face Masks_US Made   Lens Wipes
Isolation Gowns   Microfiber Face Mask – Washable_Reusable
Disposable SMS Isolation Gown   Touchless Black Acrylic Sanitary Key
Masks_Options_Information.pdf    Face Mask Required - Signs
N95_Mask_Information.pdf    Wash Your Hands - Poster
Surgical_FaceMask_Information.pdf    Reusable Stretch Face Mask 
FDA and CE Certified Real KN95 Face Mask   Fabric_Mask_Information.pdf
Eye Shield and Mask   Wash Your Hands Signs
Face Shield with Folding Frames   Labels and Floor Graphics
    Clean Tool
    Return to Work/School Kit
    BB Snaps
    Commuter PPE Kit
    Fitted Face Mask with Window





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