You guys are brilliant!

Wow, you guys are brilliant! I can honestly say that I have not heard that statement too many times in my career. Those words were spoken to The Allied Group team by the member of a genomic testing company. I have to be honest; I had to ask my son who is in medical school to explain everything his company did. They were brilliant; we were a company that could supply them with business process outsourcing solutions like supply chain management, marketing solutions, contract packaging and direct mail fulfillment services. 

We entered a dialogue and one by one we were able to help them improve their business processes.  They understood what they do best which is the science and the laboratory to process the blood.  We understood how to market the service, create a package that we could ship their clients and how to bill the client for the service. We became part of their back room operations. 

We have now opened a Life Science Center where we build and ship kits to physicians and the end user in an FDA registered facility.  We understand the logistic supply chain management and are ISO 13485 certified.  We help them with everything from marketing to direct mail.  We are not brilliant; we simply have a unique and well executed set of business process outsourcing solutions that have made their life easier. They are brilliant and we execute well.

We have helped several key genomic test companies improve their back room operations. How can we help your operation?

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