Why You Could Use a Little Promotion

b2ap3_thumbnail_Mischa20Barton20Promotion1.jpgLet's face it, your product is probably boring as hell. And your competitive advantages are probably just as much of a snoozer. That doesn't mean you don't have a great product or that your competitive advantages are not accurate (though I might challenge you on that one), but we'll go with it for now. These are pretty harsh words. But to truly strategize, deploy and reap the rewards of compelling lead generation methods, you can let me ask the questions, or you can just ask them of yourselves. Who really cares? Why would I pick up the phone or log on to that personalized URL, or take any action that you request of me?

Most of the time the answer is "I wouldn't". And that's OK. Think about what you are trying to do. You're trying to send out a series of direct marketing postcards to see if anyone responds. Let's talk about expectation. What are you expecting them to do? Have you really thought about that? Have you put yourself in that very same position. Try it. But take yourself out of your business/industry and apply it to something more generic. What did you come up with?

See the problem is that most of us are simply too close. We live, breathe, eat, sleep and surround ourselves with our work. And that's natural. Hell, it does occupy probably 75% of our lives. A truly integrated marketing communications campaign includes a promotion or a giveaway or a contest...you get the idea. And multiple channels—print, digital (microsites, email, phone etc...), social, mobile, phone etc...need to be activated to reach maximum success. Think OTB (I have to use an acronym for "out-of-the-box" because I can't bring myself to say it) — what are you asking them to do...literally? Pick up the phone? Well how could you pick up the phone for them? How about if you were a puppeteer? Are you trying to get them to listen? That means you need to get their attention. How about a singing telegram? Are you trying to get them to a microsite? Send them an electronic device with your microsite already up on it.

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