Who's the Dope?

As I watched and listened to a lot of the Lance Armstrong doping allegations unfold over the weekend, it re-activated that "twitch" I had during the year-long "steroid era" conversation that overwhelmed the airways of talk radio.

What does this have to do with marketing communication strategies? Well, I'm not sure. But in a lot of ways, it has everything to do with marketing and business in general. Lance Armstrong, A-Rod, Marion Jones, and even Bill Romanowski...arguably THE marketable "faces" of their respective sports.


But is anyone truly surprised? I mean, c'mon folks. Lance Armstrong, 7 consecutive Tour de France wins. Arguably the most impressive feat in sports history. It's safe to say that nobody reading this article is, or ever was, a professional athlete. Maybe a couple of college athletes here? But we all can probably relate at some level to the feeling of competition and the desire to be the best. You could even apply that to being the best 3PL Provider or a leading corporate marketing communications company.

Why are we so judgmental? The reality is that these are world-class athletes. What would you have done if you were in their shoes? If you answer that question honestly, I think you'd find that you're not all that dissimilar.

Times change. The landscape also changes...whether it's professional sports or full service fulfillment. You can't compare yesterday to today. The fact is that the lead generation methods of yesterday, don't work today. Anyone who was a local lead generation expert 25 years ago, would fail applying the same methods today. The reality is that Babe Ruth would have a hard time making the 25 man active roster of the Minnesota Twins now...the current worst team in baseball.

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