Who Else Wants New Lead Generation Methods?

Who Else Wants New Lead Generation Methods?

Do you remember when marketing & advertising was all about reach, frequency, awareness, distribution, the 4p's etc...? Interestingly, you learned them in your marketing classes and could find them in textbooks AND they were actually used and applied when you finally got in to the "real world". But what ever happened to them?


Well, surprisingly, they're still very much alive. A lot of the names have changed (impressions, actions, open rates, click-thru rates, social reach etc...) but the overall theory really hasn't. The bottom line is you need to reach out and touch your audience as frequently as possible with opportunisitic information that's relevant to them. Enter social media.



I often hear how 'complicated' or 'complex' "it" is nowadays. And while I understand where it's coming from, the reality is that getting results from your lead generation methods using today's technology and digital channels has never been easier. In fact, the same can even be said if you take it away from social media and talk about direct marketing or simple direct mailers. The results generated from activating traditional channels when leveraged properly can be just as powerful.


To bring this back to something more interesting and concrete, let's talk about "reach" and "impressions". The Facebook community has grown to over 850 million users. Facebook as a means to "touch" your next best prospect is simply something you can't argue with anymore. But how do you get beyond the personal chitter chatter and get to the business application? Well, that's probably for another conversation. Let's start with a basic overview of Facebook in general and why it is well-designed for maximum marketing impact.


Click Below to download the whitepaper and get some answers! Enjoy.



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