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b2ap3_thumbnail_whatstrending9.JPGHere we go again. Yahooooo! (by the way, does anything else besides beautiful women 'trend' on Yahoo? I swear, I did not make this up!)

Katherine Heigl. I guess she admitted on Monday that - at times -- she regrets having left "Grey's Anatomy. Hmm. As "admissions" go, I'm not sure that was the most revealing.

Jennifer Aniston. Jenny and boyfriend Justin Theroux are reportedly set to buy a home in Los Angeles' posh Bel-Air neighborhood. Well they say home ownership is the American dream!

Drew Barrymore. The star is newly engaged to art consultant Will Kopelman and says she chose her man wisely. The actress, who has weathered two marriages that ended in divorce, told ABC News that the third time is the charm: "He is a really good person. I'm proud of my choice with him." The 36-year-old is reportedly converting to Judaism for her fiance. Will they buy promotional products for the wedding? I wonder if Adam Sandler can squeeze her into his song this year?

Again, it's a good thing I challenged myself with this tough assignment. It's not easy to find pictures of beautiful women and come up with witty comments to complement their glamorous lifestyles. But I try. And, again, what does this have to do with building and implementing marketing communication strategies? I have to admit this time, absolutely nothing! But I'll continue to do it.

On a serious note, if you are ready to build a successful integrated marketing communications campaign and put some serious effort in to growing your business in 2012, you know how to get in touch with me!

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