What's Trending 6

What's Trending 6

Well, here we go again. Time to take a look at what's trending according to the world of Yahoo! Yahoooooo:

1. Cheryl Burke. Who? I must confess, I hadn't a clue. Well it looks like this Dancing with the Stars "pro" has become a blogger for People. And today's topic is her observation of Rob Kardashian's (her Dancing with the Stars partner) weight loss. OK.

2. Sherri Shepherd. Well, again, not all that familiar with Ms. Shepherd. I guess Barbara Walters dropped the "N" word on The View and Sherri didn't like it. There's a lot more to it than that, but I'm not going to take it any further.

3. Elizabeth Hurley. OK, well I do know who she is! Apparently, the 46-year-old stunner is engaged to Australian cricket star Shane Warne. The happy couple tweeted the news over the weekend.

OK, well here we go. What does any of this have to do with building an integrated marketing communications campaign? What do you think? I can tell you that as a key contributor to a top direct marketing agency, it helps me to understand what's going on around me. And, apparently, I'm not doing too well because I didn't even know who 2 of the 3 people were. But I do now!

Building and activating sophisticated marketing communication strategies has as much to do with brains as it does awareness. And awareness, to me, has to do with keeping your eyes and ears open and being "open" to taking it all in, digesting it and figuring out just what to do with this information. Even if its nothing for right now.

I know I'll look out for Cheryl if I happen to flip by Dancing with the Stars. I'm curious to see what the "buzz" will be around Barbara Walters. And seeing that twitter has become a legitimate vehicle to announce an engagement just reinforces the fact that the world has gone digital! Have you?

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