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So I guess we are doing this on a monthly basis (roughly) because it seems that must be the exact timing between "fixes" I need of pop culture. So what's going on in the world according to Yahoo right now? here goes:



1. Metallica. Has it really been 20 years since the release of the infamous "Black" album? Yup.



2. Rose McGowen. So I guess Ms. McGowen listed her Los Feliz home back in February, but is only JUST NOW admitting to what it took to get it sold. Now I know why I've had that empty feeling lately. 













3. Rebecca Gayheart. Well look who's turning 40! And is expecting her 2nd child. I guess we DO have something in common...we're the same age and we
both have small kids.


As New England's leading Marketing Communications Company, it has become part of my job to stay "in touch". And if staying in touch means having to read about what's going on in the lives of many beautiful women, then I guess that's just what I have to do (I wonder why it seems that they're always what's trending?).


But all foolishness aside, it really does help to be "in the know". They type of recommendations I can provide our clients on an integrated marketing communications program or specific lead generation methods are influenced by what's going on around us. If a target I'm trying to reach has an interest in heavy metal music, knowing that this is the 20th anniversary of Metallica's black album may come in handy. And developing a personalized direct marketing program featuring Metallica may just do the trick!

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