What's Trending 2

What's Trending 2

I was looking back at some older posts and I remembered one from almost a year ago. Then, we were talking about Chelsea Clinton, Iran and bear attacks. What does that look like heading into June of 2011. Well, again, according to Yahoo's "what's trending"...here goes:

1. Sarah Michelle Gellar. Looks like your old pal Buffy is going to be back on your TV screen in the fall. I know I can't wait!
2. Anna Kournikova. I guess the tennis thing didn't work out. But speaking of "working out", say hello to the new fitness trainer on The Biggest Loser.
3. New Spaceship. It appears NASA is going back to the basics. The good old fashioned space capsule is making a comeback.

Why would a Marketing Communications Company even be writing about this? Why do I care?

Well, in some ways I really don't. But, in others, I think it's important to be aware of what's going on around us. Lead generation methods can be just as trendy. If you want to redesign websites, you might want to be clued into fashion. If you're marketing to college students, you probably want to have some idea of what is interesting to them.

Maybe not the most earth-shattering news, but, remember, it's not about you! If this is what your client-base or prospects are interested in, you'd better be too!

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