What's Trending 14

What's Trending 14

After some wild weather and serious time to reflect on what's important, let's get back to the good stuff! Here goes according to Yahoo:

Cheryl Burke: Our good old friend Cheryl and Dancing With the Stars. Looks like The Bachelorette may be in her future? Would ABC really poach a star from another reality show? We shall see.

Eva Longoria: 2 for 2 so far...I obviously know who she is. But why is she in tears? I suppose she was so moved by Obama's re-election that she just had to let it out.

Kirsten Gillibrand: Or I should say "Senator" Kirsten Gillibrand. The first campaign in the state of New York where two women were running for U.S. Senate.

Well I didn't really learn a lot this time around. But given the politically charged environment, I suppose it was nice to learn of Senator Gillibrand. 

How do you connect the world of advertising and, more specificially, marketing communication strategies with the world according to Yahoo? Well it starts with an overall awareness of what's going on in the world around you. And while that world does involve issues like politics and reality TV, it also involves consumer behaviour, trends & hot topics, current affairs etc... All quite integral to building an effective integrated marketing communications campaign to drive new business.

The lesson is one size does not fit all. There are times when you can peg your best prospects into on very nice neat box, but the reality is your best prospects have multiple interests in varying subjects and you need to capture their attention and engage them in a conversation. That conversation doesn't always have to be deep. But one thing is for sure, it always needs to be started in order to get anywhere!

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