What's Trending 12

What's Trending 12

I got off track for a little bit, but trying to get back on and give everyone a little splash of what's going on in the world RIGHT NOW!

Jesse J. That's what's going on! Who? This little series is starting to prove more about what I don't know than anything else. I guess Jesse, an English singer/songwriter, helped close the curtain on the 2012 Games. What will I do now?

Lindsay Lohan. Ok, well getting a litte more familiar. With all the problems and the drama and the press... looks like Ms. Lohan has still earned herself a cool $2 million so far this year! Not bad. 

Sean Hayes. I didn't know the name, but as soon as I saw his picture, well, I guess I'm socially aware! And, if you're interested in adding something new to your music collection, looks like you can pick up Jack McFarland's new CD on September 11th!

Whether your incorporating direct marketing and direct mail in your business development mix or not, you've got to start with a "hook" or a campaign that will get people's attention. And love it, hate it, indifferent about it, this is a slice of what's going on in the world around all of us. In reading about Jesse J just now, I saw a lot of information on how she is available for appearances and book signings etc... Maybe she'd be perfect for your next trade show! Can you say lead generation?

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