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Well I've taken a little break from this deep topic because I wanted to keep everyone on their toes. Looking at beautiful women, scandalous topics and pressing political views of famous celebs is certainly riveting, but it is hard work. So here goes according to Yahoo:

b2ap3_thumbnail_Kelly20Ripa.jpgKelly Ripa: I guess filling Regis's shoes is going to be difficult. And one thing we do know now is that it won't me Mrs. Ripa's husband Mark! I guess Kelly wouldn't be able to handle that. By the way, when did Regis leave? Did anyone else know about this?

Vince Young: So here we go. A little more in my comfort zone. But I'm not actually sure why Vince is trending. The only thing I can tell is that he is set to work out for the Buffalo Bills. Not exactly earth shattering news, but I guess football has become America's game!

Paulina Gretzky: Welcome to the world of social media and celebrity children. I can't say I had ever heard of Paulina Gretzky, but looking at her last name, it didn't take me long to figure out who she was. And I guess everyone else knows who she is too after posting revealing photos of herself on Instagram.

Well, as usual, we see a lot of beautiful celebrities, sports and a little social media mixed in this time. Effective marketing communication strategies tend to include these very tactics. At The Allied Group, we work with our clients to provide the best possible solution for effective lead generation. And implementing lead generation methods that capitalize on what's going on in the world around us enable us and our clients to capitalize and put this to work for them.

You never know, if Vince's workout doesn't go well with the Bills, he could be available! Could he be the next face of your organization?

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