What's Trending?

What's Trending?

Well, according to Yahoo as of right now -- you've got a range from American Idol, to Chelsea Clinton, to Iran, to bear attacks of all things.

But in the world of strategic marketing consultancy services and top 3pl companies, we've got to do a little better than just what's hot right now! Or do we? As much as we need to stick to the basics and practice what's tried and true...we get the most questions about what's hot and how we can best hitch on to that wagon. And, come to think of it, that's probably to be expected. What's HOT for us right now? How about direct mail design? Maybe data appending? A few bulk printing options...and some promotional product ideas.

They might sound as disjointed as Chelsea Clinton is to bear attacks, but the bottom line is that's what our best prospects are looking for. And, basically, it's what The Allied Group is good at.

As a marketing communications company that also offers total fulfillment outsourcing, we've got our best clients covered from marketing strategy to supply chain management strategies. If you need to attract, acquire or retain more of the right customers AND contain, reduce and remove operational costs, we should talk!

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