What now ‘Purple Cow’?

In talking to marketing executives everywhere the common sentiment appears to be one of uncertainty over what to do and how to market today. And yet having the right marketing communication strategies and programs that generate awareness, interest – and – leads, has never been more important. Here are a dozen thoughts to consider that we’ll explore in future ponderings.

  1. Marketing is in the biggest flux it ever has been.

  2. Multi-channel marketing still appears to work the best.

  3. Figuring out the right tactic(s) is very hard.

  4. The primary goal remains attracting and keeping attention that leads to action.

  5. The ultimate goal is to create and retain long-term loyal customers.

  6. Not everything is measurable.

  7. “Not all that is countable – counts” (Albert Einstein).

  8. Marketing is experimental – nothing that works now lasts forever.

  9. You must be willing to spend money to make money

  10. One-size does not fit all.

  11. Efficiency comes from coordinating marketing and sales efforts.

  12. Results can only really be judged over time.

For me, these are a dozen interesting concepts that literally lead to many dozens of questions. But we need to ask the questions to find the answers to greater results of revenue and profit growth.

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