We're half way...

We're half way...

January, February, March, April, May, June. Done. Gone. In the books. How did it go by so fast? The better question is pretty much the same, but with 3 less words...How did it go?

Well before we all start giving each other high 5's -OR- looking for the nearest bridge to jump off of, let's take a look at what was done right and what was done wrong. And the best part, you've got time to fix it!

What was done right? Well, by now, my guess is you've all put some form of lead generation process in place. Whether it's rooted in strategy, or simply based on your experience, or a combination of both, you've recognized the need and understand that it needs focus. You probably also understand the funnel then too. And that your marketing communication strategies are implemented through initiatives designed to either generate inquiries, nurture prospects and produce sales ready leads (SRL's).

So what's wrong? Is it not working? Is it not working well enough? Is it not working fast enough? Consider these tips:

1. TURN IT UP! We've all swallowed the "micro-targeting" pill and now we're having side effects. Through marketing automation, you can talk to THOUSANDS of people and generate customized campaigns for very specific groups or verticals. It's a numbers game at the top of the funnel. Don't worry so much about being so granular and focused. They're all nice words, but the bottom line is you need to talk to A TON of people to fill the top of your funnel.

2. SHAKE IT UP! Is your message compelling? Have you asked yourself lately, "who cares"? You can have the best marketing tactics you can think of with die cut, scratch & sniff direct marketing postcards and colorful emails, but if you don't have a good answer to the "who cares" question or the "why would I buy from me" question, it simply won't work.

3. SPICE IT UP! You need an offer! Something with some pop. It doesn't have to be an Alaskan cruise or free key-chain with your purchase, it has to have value. And value doesn't necessarily mean monetary value. Value can come in the form of information, education, proprietary knowledge, industry trends etc... Your buyer needs to understand why they should choose you and they want to educate themselves and nurture themselves right into a purchase. You just need to control that process!

Tell me what you think and please comment if you've got something to add or if you disagree! A little debate does a body good.

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