We are fast approaching an election year

If there ever was a need for clarity in communication, it’s now. Yet no matter how specific the question or how many times it’s asked, the candidates from both parties just seem to drone on and on.

b2ap3_thumbnail_9.jpgWatch the debates, or just pay attention in the next business meeting and you’ll see it’s true—too many people just don’t know how to stop talking. A new book by Mike Staver, coach, professional speaker, and author of Do You Know How to Shut Up? And 51 Other Life Lessons That Will Make You Uncomfortable, teaches you how to know when to speak up and when to zip your lips.

In his book Staver says if you think you don’t suffer from the same problems as the candidates, think again. You probably do—and if you don’t, you know someone who does.

The Allied Group promises to listen to your needs, not tell you what you need when you buy promotional products or are looking for help with corporate marketing communications.

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