Virtual Office 12.1

Virtual Office 12.1

The Virtual Office was updated to version 12.1 on Tuesday night.

This upgrade corrected a few bugs as well as introducing the following upgrades:

Clear address
Users now have the ability to clear the address fields with one click when checking out. The new button is beneath the ship and reset address buttons. Whereas reset address will load your default address, clear address simply removes everything except your email from the address fields.

Report export
If you have reporting available to you this feature allows the exporting of the report to a .csv file that can be opened in Excel. This is a convenient way to get the data in to a format you can do further analysis on.

Bug Corrections
Issue with account name override not showing during checkout.
Corrected search function in order history to use first 7 digits on Allied reference number
Added phone number to user maintenance screen

Version 12.1 was published on the evening of 1/26/2016

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