Using Supply Chain Management Strategies in the back country, part 1

Outside my family, some of my passions in life are rock climbing, backpacking and mountaineering. In many ways these passions are complimentary to my profession of supply chain management strategies. Both of them require a keen eye for detail and the need to apply logistic principles.

At a very basic level, good Logistic Supply Chain Management will result in a more cost effective, more efficient, and more enjoyable trip for the participants. At the highest level, good logistics are critical to the safety and well being of the team members.  

Logistics deals not only with the tangible items like food, shelter, equipment, clothing, transport and the other physical elements of an trip, but it also deals with the participants. The central theme of logistics is to provide physical items to satisfy people’s needs. Logistics then is the key to assisting people so that they can accomplish a task.

Poor logistics may have a negative effect on the morale of the participants and their ability to perform. The maintenance of morale then becomes a logistical effort. To deliver these physical and personal components in a coherent and effective way will provide the conditions that allow the team to perform.

In the next post, I will describe some of those key logistics principles that good 3PL providers will use. These check and balances should be integrated into good supply chain management strategies.

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