Top Ten Tips to Total Traffic Triumph!

Top Ten Tips to Total Traffic Triumph!

Do you want to build the top of your funnel? Well, here's my top ten and I'm even going to stick with the "T" theme:


10: TEST. Tests don't have to be complicated. As a matter of fact, the more complicated you make them, the more suspect the results. A good old A/B split is enough. Do it with every campaign.


9: TRY. Don't be afraid! Most people don't bite. If you've used direct marketing postcards in the past, regardless of the results, you have to keep it fresh and try new things. Don't necessarily abandon what has worked in the past, but realize that sooner or later, it won't work as well as it did.


8: TRUST. Trust your instincts. You probably know your business, your industry and your prospects better than anyone else. Trust in a marketing communications company that acknowledges this.


7: TIMING. The right person, the right offer the right TIME! Have you heard this before? How do you ensure the right time? See #6.


6: TOUCHES. A lot of them (but not too many)! You can't expect to touch a prospect one time and get any results. Probably the most common flawed expectation we see. Successful lead generation methods include multiple touches.


5: TOP of mind. Marketing 101. All marketing communication strategies include a plan to ensure you are top of mind when an ideal prospect is making a buying decision.


4: TECHNOLOGY. Oooh. A lot of technology! Technology is your friend. Embrace it, don't let it overwhelm you. You don't need to become a "tech head", but you do need to understand that these tools were created to improve processes and help you get better results.


3: TIPS. People love tips! They're quick, informative, easy to digest and they can be easily applied.


2: TALK. "Tell, don't sell". Simple. People want a dialogue. Marketing and sales support in today's business process is exactly that...material to support and validate a claim.


1: TOTAL funnel dominance! Expect nothing less from The Allied Group.

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