Top 5 2013 Super Bowl Ads

Top 5 2013 Super Bowl Ads

Well, being a Patriots fan, this year's Super Bowl took on a little bit of a different twist for me. Of course being a Patriots fan means that you actually expect them to be in the game...anything less is a disappointment. It's so much of a roller coaster that because they weren't in it, I kind of forgot it was even on. But, when I did settle in, looking forward to the commercials wound up being what piqued my interest the most.

So, for the 2013 Superbowl, I decided to publish my own list of the top 5. Here goes:


5. Lincoln "Steer the Script" Ad. I just kinda liked it. It was calm and soothing, but still fun, witty and creative. It incorporated multi-channel marketing concepts and sort of a tongue-in-cheek narrative that takes you through the entire commercial. To me, it worked because the "sillyness" did come through but it felt sincere at the same time. Just me? Plus, I'm a car guy at heart. 

4. Taco Bell "Viva Young" Ad. You know, it HAS been done before. But I liked it anyway. I liked the green 1973 Plymouth and the clothes and the cops driving by slowly giving them the "evil eye"...I liked the whole thing. Marketing doesn't need to be original to be effective (unless I'm complaining about originality somewhere below...then it does).  

3. Tide "Joe Montana Miracle Stain" Ad. This one was great. Particularly the ending. I like the fact that it was made specifically for the game. I know in a lot of ways it time stamps the spot and limits its life, but isn't that what it's all about?  

2. Budweiser Clydesdale "Brotherhood" Ad. It's actually quite an accomplishment that I have this rated so high. Normally, not really a fan of Budweiser ads in general. They seem to have gotten a lot of publicity over the past 10-15 (Bud Bowls) years or so and I've never really understood why. Frankly I've just never felt they were that good. Specifically, I've been mixed on the Clydesdale series. Some are "good", some are really just, well, not very good. I know these are old, but if you say you didn't like this one, you're lying! 

1. Dodge RAM "Farmer" Ad. Loved it! I can see how some would say it was sappy and maybe even a bit contrived. And I know that Dodge purposely took a back seat and didn't put themselves front and center, as a matter of fact you didn't know it was even a RAM commercial until the very end. But as far a lead generation methods go, if I were in the market for a truck, I'd look at a RAM.

Just for fun, here are a few more with some VERY brief descriptions:

Oreo "Whisper Fight": I liked it actually. Just didn't crack the top 5.

NFL "Leon Sandcastle": Just bad.

Gildan "Man Won't Leave T-Shirt at One-Night Stand": I don't know...just trying too hard!

Kia "Respect the Hotbots": Just dumb.

Doritos "Fashionista Dad": Predictable.

GoDaddy "Bar Rafaeli Kissing Nerd": I don't know what to say. She's hot, yes. But this was actually kind of disgusting. 

Volkswagen "Get In, Get Happy": I just don't like it. I don't get it. I do get it literally, but just doesn't work for me. I keep wanting to connect the german automaker with Jamaica.

Bud Light "Lucky Chair": This is one of those ads that's "supposed" to be good. It features Stevie Wonder and because, you're supposed to think it's great. It's not. 

Mio "Tracy Morgan Gets 'Fit'": I like Tracy Morgan. I don't like this ad.

CocaCola "Chase": I don't know. Not bad I guess and it follows the new rule of trying to get people involved by having them vote at the end. But, it just didn't do it for me.

Mercedes "Soul": Again, not bad, but not great either. 

Audi "Prom": Not bad. But shouldn't he at least get the girl in the end instead of just a black eye?

ETrade "Baby": It's just getting old. Done with it. Please stop.

Skechers "Man Chasing Down Cheetah": I liked this one too. 

Samsung "El Plato Supreme": Another that "I didn't dislike", but didn't crack the top 5.

Best Buy "Amy Poehler": Annoying!

Hynundai "SantaFe": I liked it.

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