Top 4 Reasons Why There is no Magic Bullet in Marketing!

Do you find yourself constantly searching for that little nugget that will make all the difference in your business development efforts? Do you cringe when the topic of marketing communication strategies comes up and you're tired of thinking, you just want results? Does it seem like everyone else gets good results and for some reason you just aren't? Do you have all the hi-tech buzzwords spinning around in your head and are waiting for someone to turn them into something concrete and actionable?

Well, time to wake up and pay attention. Here are 4 reasons why you need to stop searching, stop hoping and start doing:

1. The game has changed. Your audience hasn't. They are still there. And they still buy. And they can and will buy from you. As a matter of fact, it has changed for the better. With technology, you can actually reach your audience with content that is relevant to them much more quickly and cost effectively than ever before!

2. Hope is not a strategy. Acquiring marketing consultancy services may sound a bit lofty. So think of it differently. Pro-active vs. re-active. A pro-active approach, by its nature, eliminates hope as a strategy. Would you rather be the driver, or the passenger way back in the third row?


3. Strategy is not a 4-letter word. To be precise, it's 8. And I can't think of too many 8-letter words that are off limits. Strategy doesn't have to painful. It doesn't have to take a long time and it doesn't mean that you need to turn your organization into a think tank and abandon what you do. But strategy is "thinking" and I don't know how you will successful if you don't think.

4. There is an answer, and it's not magical. A fully integrated marketing communications campaign or campaigns. Print, digital, social, mobile. Analysis, measurement, reporting, testing. Goals, accountability, flexibility and realistic expectations. They're not new words or revolutionary ideas. Are you willing to work with a top direct marketing agency and get in the game?

Oh, by the way, I lied! There is a Magic Bullet. It's some kind of blender/food processor thing. So if you think that might help you attract new business, I suppose you could give it a shot!


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