Top 10 Reasons to Partner Up...

Working with a promotional product consultant can lead to increased revenue. Business gifts used to foster customer goodwill and retention (retain) are the most common use for promotional items at 18.5%. Here are the top reasons to work with promotional products consultant...

Reason #1: Consultants are the experts in their field. There’s no need to spend all your time on the Internet or searching through catalogs - leave the hard work to the experts.

Reason #2: A great consultant goes beyond just selling products. To realize your goals, promotional products programs must be carefully planned, taking into consideration the audience, budget, the ultimate result to be gained. Sure you can buy products anywhere, but you want a solid plan and the goal in mind.

Reason #3: Professional consultants have access to vast product research resources, including an extensive database which contains more than 500,000 products. Have you really saved money if you get the mugs and they are not the right color? Is it worth the extra savings if you get the mugs and they are so breakable due to inferior materials that they are virtually unusable?

Reason #4: Consultants are in tune with the trends, including hot items and the newest products and processes. Many online services show you the promotional product ideas they want to sell; a qualified consultant will listen to what you want and help you find the right product for your needs.

Reason #5: Your consultant is more than just a salesperson. Chances are you will buy promotional products more than once in your life. Once a company uses a consultant, that relationship often continues for years—and even decades.

Reason #6: Personalized service is the role of a consultant. When going online, your selection is what the internet company determines to make available. When you work with a consultant, your selection is determined by your needs and goals, enhanced by the experience, creativity and recommendations of that consultant who has your best interests at heart. 

Reason #7: Industry consultants can offer experienced advice on how (and IF) to imprint items. You may have found the perfect key chain, but will your logo imprint on it? Will it be recognizable? Some things don’t work, or there might be something else that will work better.

Reason #8: Trained consultants can save you money in the long run. Many times, a price you see in a generic catalog or on the Internet does not cover many “hidden” costs involved. A consultant can help you avoid unexpected and unbudgeted costs by quoting the total price up-front.

Reason #9: Consultants will work with you to get your artwork imprinted properly. Say you want your company’s logo embroidered on a golf shirt. How do you ensure it will be done properly, and with the correct colors? A trained consultant can work with you to insure accurate transfer of your artwork.

Reason #10: Professional promotional products consultants can assist you in developing a workable distribution plan for your products. Distribution of a promotional product is as important as the item itself. Research shows that a carefully executed distribution plan significantly increases the effectiveness of promotional products.

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