The (Marketing) Heat is On!

The (Marketing) Heat is On!

OK, I am someone always intrigued by the weather. Growing up in the Northeast, I have come to love the extreme weather that we have in our part of the country. With the weather in New England, we get the "good, bad and ugly." As an example, shovelling snow is not on my list of favorite things to do but I accept that it "comes with the territory."

One area of weather I do NOT complain about is the heat. I realize I have the ability to go from an air conditioned home to an air conditioned car to an air conditioned office - not much to complain about there. But the heat is not a bother to me: going for a run, cutting the grass, walking the dog, outside watching my kids' sports - bring on the heat!

These days companies have other "heated" concerns: maintaining sales revenues, increasing profit margins, and continuing a strong presence in their market. For myself and my collegaues at The Allied Group, we see it from both sides: to make sure our own "house" is in order, but more important, to make sure that our clients have the right mix in their marketing and fulfillment programs.

When someone speaks about the right mix of marketing strategy services and full-service fulfillment, it can mean many things: exploring new lead generation methods, the desire to buy promotional products as a giveaway, or the need to redesign websites. For any of these, it is essential that you analyze these areas so you have the right mix.

Allied recently worked with a large department at a local university who is feeling the heat from the President's office to maintain their program's revenue. We were hired to help them assess their current marketing plan and there were a handful of areas that we suggested they need to improve. Will they act on all the suggestions? Probably not but they at least know what is the best route to a good mix.  

Sometimes the issue is not that you don't fix a problem; rather the issue these days can be understanding that the "heat is on" and you better do something.

How are you beating the heat?

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