The Dog Days...

As temperatures hover in the mid-nineties throughout the country, we tend to lose that spring in our step and the overall pace seems to slow to a crawl. And while I'm just as susceptible as the next, in the back of my mind I realize that there is a really opportunity here that, if capitalized upon, could be the key to your year.


What is it? If we can muster up the energy to give that needed jolt to our corporate marketing communications plan and get our lead generation methods kicked into high gear, we might actually put together and August that gets us into a nice position for the upcoming fall months and right into the holiday season.

At the beginning of the year, when we put our plans in place, we often plan for slow months in July in August. And I'm not recommending that we skip the vacations and cook-outs and plant ourselves at our desks while everyone else is enjoying themselves. But, if we can just throw a few ice cubes in the water bowl and get Fido from under the shady tree, we might be able to get our direct marketing postcards out the door and get a little boost in our integrated marketing communications campaign.

It really isn't going to take much and the reward will far outweigh the extra effort. You'll thank yourself December 31st. Look for The Allied summer newsletter in the coming weeks. Larry Rondeau, part of our business development team, has the lead article and he addresses this very issue. Stay cool!

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