The 10 Most Persuasive Words in Copywriting

b2ap3_thumbnail_BusinessDevelopment.jpgWeb design and graphic design is the style while copywriting is the substance. The words you use are the most important factor in persuading your customers to buy from you. Here are 10 proven persuasive words in direct marketing:

No one likes paying for stuff. Everyone likes getting things for free. My mom regularly walks two miles into town armed with a coupon she cut out of the daily newspaper.

2. YOU
While humanity in general has the capacity for amazing acts of selfless generosity people are self-interested when it comes to reading ads. If you're not talking about them directly then they'll find something else to do.

If you can guarantee something then this immediately eradicates the risk for the reader. Less risk means more willingness to buy.


People's lives are hectic. If you can offer them something which makes their lives easier you're onto a winner.

5. NEW
In a status obsessed society people like being one step ahead. Buying new stuff enables this to be so.

Evidence is just as crucial in copywriting as it is in court. Prove that your product or service can do what you say it can by using testimonials, reliability statistics or video testimonials. When using video testimonials use their full name, address and place of business.

People want results. Show them that you can give them the results that they need.

Money? Time? Trouble? Three things that practically everyone wants to save all of the time.

Can't go wrong with love. Well that's a lie. You can go badly wrong with love. But when it comes to marketing, love is a word that appears time and time again.

10. FAST
When things happen quickly it gives people more time to do something else.

PS be careful using these words in email marketing as they flag up as spam. Why do they flag up as spam? Because they're highly successful words that have been used time and time again in sales campaigns.

PPS Never underestimate the power of the PS.

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(Article written by Chris Woodfield, a freelance Copywriter.)

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