Tennis Anyone? Are You Returning Your Shots?

Tennis Anyone? Are You Returning Your Shots?

This summer I have been playing tennis one night a week. I have always enjoyed watching the professionals, maybe even watching some of the finals of Wimbledon or  U.S. Open; but as far as playing, I was never involved in any organized tennis teams or clubs. But as my basketball group looks to stay active in the summer months, we have been meeting and playing tennis – as much a social as an athletic endeavor.

As I re-learn the few tennis “things” I might have learned as a kid, I have enjoyed playing the game as an adult. I like the competition and trying to play with my (minimal) strengths and take advantage of my opponent’s weaknesses (by the way, all of these guys would not consider themselves "tennis players" so there are abundant weaknesses all over the courts we play on). Having a group with varied talent levels play tennis together and you get a different tone for each game of the match.


Playing tennis is similar to managing and marketing your business. In tennis, a competitive match is made up of sets, which are made up of games, which are made up of individual points. Maybe that type of thinking is not as obvious in business but a successful business plan is made up of a strong marketing plan, which is made up of specific business operations, which is made up of reliable and capable workers executing the plan. Lots of other things go into this “tennis versus business” analogy but you get the idea.


Like tennis, business owners and marketing folks have to constantly be in “tennis mode.” Each day there are new “shots” coming across the net and you have to use your strengths to “return the shot.” The Allied Group is constantly on the lookout for new innovative ways to return these shots that we experience in the marketplace. Plus, we need to be creative in the ways we suggest our clients return their everyday shots.

Are you receiving any "tough shots" in mail order fulfillment services? How about lead generation? Web design branding? These are all areas that some of our clients are experiencing difficult situations and are asking us for help with their return shot.

Now with my beginner tennis story there is no one but me to return the ball; I will just have to practice and figure it out . . . BUT for those tough shots in the business world, don't be afraid to get that outside help and make the strong return shot!

Is your company ready to make the strong return shot?

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