I'll admit I never thought I would read this book. We've all heard it quoted in movies - (Bud Fox to Gordon Gekko in Wall Street) but actually reading it... That's another thing all together.

What could this book possibly have to say about Marketing, Sales, Lead Generation, or Business Development? How does it apply to The Allied Group - or any other business in 2011? 

Not surprising, was the valuable insights into Operational concepts, Financial Implications, and the need for constant adaptation.

So - what can we learn in Sales and Marketing 2300 years after Sun Tzu wrote his blog:

"War is a grave concern of the state; it must be studied... the 5 factors are moral influence, weather, terrain, command and doctrine..."

  1. Invest in an Integrated Marketing Communications Campaign
    1. Research
    2. Data Appending
    3. One to One Communication
    4. Lead Generation
    5. Stealth Programs
    6. Nurture Marketing
    7. Customer Acquisition
    8. Loyalty and Rewards
    9. Cross Selling
    10.   Referrals