Success or failure

Anything that we consider an accomplishment usually took great effort to achieve. If it were easy, we would not look upon it as an achievement. What is a hardship in the moment will add to our sense of accomplishment at a latter date. Many of my accomplishments grew out of my failures. I have learned as much from my mistakes in life as I have from my achievements.

Failure gets a bad rap in our microwave culture. People want instant gratification, but it is in the struggle that builds character.  As Edison once said when inventing the light bulb about his unsuccessful attempts to discover the light bulb “I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.”

The implementation of supply chain management strategies for life science companies have become a real test for The Allied Group. We take great satisfaction from our achievements.

The Allied Group specializes in assisting medical test kit companies build and distribute their lot controlled kits to their end users typically consumers and physicians. They understand the science but they need help with the logistic supply chain management issues.

We develop Supply Chain Management Strategies that enable them to kit, distribute and invoice their customers. I essence we become a one-stop shop for companies back room operations. We currently work with ViaCord, Signature Genomics and NTD with kit building and distribution. Further we have helped Depuy Ortho Visc with their marketing efforts.

How about you have you learned from your success or your failures?

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