Sports and/or Business

Sports and/or Business

Fresh off the weekend and the Superbowl being set, I found myself wondering many times about how the sport itself translates into a business. Of course there is strategy on the field and in the game plan, but is there strategic marketing going on as it relates to the overall goal of the team? I'm not talking simply about promotions. I'm wondering...are all teams trying to win? Does winning on the field = business success?

As a true New England sports fan, that has been/was always the knock on the Red Sox and Bruins. After Dan Duquette proudly proclaimed that "we spent more time in first place than any other team" it became clear that the ultimate goal may be to simply build a competitive team. They may not win it all, but they put butts in the seats and they "make it interesting" every year. And really, do we want to make the investment (financially, physically & mentally) to be a true contender?

You could say the same thing about business. We're brought in for our creativity, experience and operational excellence. To implement tactics and build a program that hopefully performs for our clients. But are we fundamentally willing to make the tough decisions? Are we willing and able to make the investment needed to field the best team possible?

"Strategy" is a word that's getting tossed around left and right in the boardroom and in the locker room. And I'm beginning to wonder if we've forgotten what it actually means. To be an elite fulfillment and communications company, we've got to actually put our money where our mouth is and make the move from pretender, to contender!

We're half way...
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