Soccer vs. Hockey...Which One is it Gonna be?

Can you believe, living in the Northeast, we're even having this discussion? I suppose you could make the argument for hockey...we are primarily a cold-weather town. But the Bruins have been nothing but a disappointment for the past 39 years! While we've been blessed to be "championship town" over the last 10 years or so, literally, in the last 2 weeks it seems like all of a sudden, we've become "soccer town"!

As a creative design marketing group, we're always looking at what's going on in the world around us. A lot of lead generation methods are rooted in popular culture, trends and "hot" issues. But could you or can you "react" as quickly as the tides change? If you built an integrated marketing communications campaign that featured women's World Cup soccer that hit any time in the last two weeks, it would be gold. But what about next week? 2 months ago, if we had to buy promotional products to support a direct marketing campaign centered around the Bruins or the Red Sox, which one would we have chosen? Lord Stanley's Cup hadn't seen these parts in quite some time, now it's being tossed around like it's been here all along.

In a time when things come and go and fluctuate as quickly at Tim Thomas' save percentage and we can easily add a new verb to our vocabulary like "Wambach", we need to be comfortable with change. What's hot one day is cold the next and what you see in front of you today is often times gone tomorrow.

So don't put of till tomorrow what you can do today. Get it out...ride the wave, take advantage of the trends and know that it will all change tomorrow. By the way, what happened to poker?

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