Silver and Black Gets A Gold in Marketing

Silver and Black Gets A Gold in Marketing

I do an annual trip with some guys to catch a New England Patriots away game - always an enjoyable way to catch up with each other and see one of our favorite teams play an away game!

Last weekend we had the opportunity to watch the Patriots play the Oakland Raiders. As I watched the Pats, I was taken by how effective the marketing plan is for the "Black and Silver" of the Raiders. 

The Raiders have always been the "bad boys" of the NFL. Their reputation for years has been the tough guys, very physical, sometimes bordering on dirty play; in fact, many fans across the country do not like the Raiders and what they stand for. That said, anyone with any eye for marketing/promotions must have an appreciation for the Raiders.

To start, their team owner is a rebellious-type person, constantly creating controversy with the league. Their team logo is sinister-looking and that logo is attached to a uniform with "mean-looking" colors black and silver. Their fans embrace this crazy attitude by dressing up when attending games -- plus their behavior in the stands would be considered inappropriate for some fans.

As a football fan, I see there is no question that the passion is there and the team does a great job promoting this image.

As a marketing fan, this is the stuff that The Allied Group loves to see: Organizations promoting their image and improving their marketing plans! Name a type of industry or organization - Medical Marketing Consultants. Life Science Marketing. Higher Education Marketing - companies need to promote the image and passion that the Raiders do with their team.

Again, as I sat in this stadium and was wowed with this team's marketing plans, I ask:

What does your organization or company's image promote?

Is it promoting what you want?

Worse than that, do you even know what you are promoting?

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