Should Prayer be Allowed in School?

Should Prayer be Allowed in School?

Hopefully I touch a nerve with this one. Talk about an effective email subject line. It just came through my email and took me to a survey. Of course it was one of those surveys where I had to say "yes" to getting information on erectile dysfunction, Turbo Tax, the jelly of the month club and replacement windows. And because I was only interested in 3 out of the 4, I didn't qualify for the grand prize. But it did let me see the results...I'll share in a moment (I was surprised!)


Of course email marketing has proven to be an integral part of any marketing communication program. "Part" being the operative word in that statement. We all know that email alone is not the saving grace, but used appropriately, it is a great way to reach out to a large group of people as one of the most successful lead generation methods out there. But the biggest trick to implementing a successful email marketing program is what? The subject line!

At bare minimum, you have to get your target to open the email. A very simple metric, but arguably the most important. You can talk about click thru and conversion and CTA's all you want...if it don't get opened, it makes no difference!

So did I open it? As I mentioned up top, you bet. Why, because the subject really caught my attention. Something I have a definite opinion on. I'm not saying it would appeal to everyone, but it appealed to me. And, like the rest of you, I get hundreds a day that I do absolutely nothing with. But this one was different.

So let's get to the most interesting part. What was my answer? First, I have to go right back to the beginning. The subject line itself. It has to do with reading between the lines. Should prayer be allowed in school? Sure, why not. But I don't think that's really the question that's being asked. I could be wrong. What I think this really means is...would you be OK if teacher's led students in reciting the "Our Father" for example (not picking on that one, just the first that came to mind)? This, I do have a problem with. To me, prayer can be a group effort, it can be an individual effort, but it must have meaning to whomever is involved. To simply learn how to recite or repeat something you've been spoon fed without any true understanding and embracing it's meaning is useless. And I think that's what we're really talking about when we ask that very simple question.   

With that said, the results of this survey were surprising to me. What were they? 92% said "yes", 7% said "no" and 1% were "unsure". I guess I'm in the minority again! Or, the majority of the respondents took the question at face value. I'm not sure. Not that we want to get into a religious debate, but I'd be curious to hear what you think? Let me know. 

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