Put Some "Military" in Your Marketing

Put Some "Military" in Your Marketing

I have never served in any of the armed forces but I have the utmost respect for those who do. It is their courage and bravery that allows the rest of us to pursue a life of complete freedom: where to live, what to wear, what we can say and what we do for work.  As we celebrate Veterans' Day, it is a chance to honor these folks and all qualities they represent.

When I think of the qualities of a soldier (or the military in general), I think about the precise training and procedures that go into their operation. A strong chain of command. A high level of strategic planning. A deep understanding of how their "business" works.

Wouldn't you love to see your own marketing strategy be so coordinated? The Allied Group sees the marketing communication strategies of many companies and we see everything -- from those clients with a detailed plan to those who "wing it" and hope for the best! As a top direct marketing agency, it is our mission to get you in the first group.

Companies struggle with marketing - period! Whether it be an issue with marketing and sales support or full service fulfillment, many companies are good at what their product is. They understand their product, know all the idiosyncrasies, and how to use the product. The part they struggle is how to let everyone know!
Very few companies have a "military-type" plan for getting their message out. For many companies, a "strategy" or "plan" is not a well-designed set of tactics with a specific goal in mind; rather, it is a relaxed approach with various ideas tossed "into the ring" and one idea is decided without a specific goal in mind.

How comfortable would you feel at night if our military planned like the latter?

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