Promotional Calendars Will Help Your Company Gain Exposure Every Single Day of the Year

So you're searching for the promotional items that your customers are going to use very often? How about trying something that clients will use every day? That is what you can have with promotional calendars.

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With a whole assortment of customized calendars available in different styles and shapes, you can get people to lay eyes on your company logo on a daily basis. All you have to do is pick the right calendar for you, depending on the function that you want it to provide for your customers, and you have branding gold on your hands. Let's take a look at some of the best types of promotional calendars available so that you can select the ones which will generate the best exposure for your company. Keep in mind that the earlier in the year you order custom printed calendars the better, since every day that passes is a day less that people will use your calendar for that year. 

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To start, promotional wall calendars are probably the most popular type of calendar that you can use for your branding campaign. The calendar is perfect for any home refrigerator or office cubicle, and people tend to rely on them heavily while planning their monthly appointments. The wall calendars feature a large box for every day of the month where recipients can write in all of their important notes and reminders. They usually fold open into a spread which has the calendar month on one page, and a full-page image on the other. The images are tied in by a theme which may include anything from scenic views and animals, to automobiles or gardens or you can use custom photos with your product or a a specific theme.  One fantastic thing about these promotional wall calendars is the fact that your imprinted logo will appear at the bottom of every page, so people will see it every time they refer to it. Wall Calendar.

b2ap3_thumbnail_QPic.jpgThe next type of customized calendar that you can use to promote your brand is desk calendars. These are different than the wall calendar in the sense that they do not hang on a wall; they stand upright on a table or desk surface. They are a bit more professional-looking, and operate by flipping the pages over the top of a spiral binding. The promotional desk calendars are typically smaller than wall calendars, and do not have a box for each day of the month to write things in. These calendars still offer your company the same daily branding exposure; it just comes in a different style and function. Desk Calendar.

b2ap3_thumbnail_QPic_002.jpgYou might be thinking that plenty of other companies in your industry are using customized calendars to generate some good advertising. In this case, you can separate yourself from the competition by distributing some custom plannersto your customers. These planners are different than promotional calendars in the sense that they give the recipient much more mobility and convenience in maintaining their daily appointments. The custom planners come in a checkbook-like style and can be easily carried in any pocket or purse. Each page breaks down the day into an hourly basis so people can get as specific as possible with their planning. None of the other customized calendars will allow you to do this. Planner calendar.

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