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We recently worked with some highly intelligent executives at a reasonably successful larger corporation looking for long-term growth. The initial conversations revolved around the strategy, tactics and depth of programs they felt that they needed to re-educate their exiting clients about new products and services as well as making themselves known to new potential customers for more effective local lead generation.

After many meetings over several months they decided they wanted a “quick hit” to increase sales fast and didn’t want a more integrated marketing communications program. They wanted to send direct marketing postcards out one time to several thousand recipients and needed an immediate return on investment.

We said no thank you.

Oh, we could have taken their money and done a basic print fulfillment project. But, odds are, we may not have gotten the expected results right away and gotten fired anyway, likely the first in a long-line of many marketing services companies who would not get the immediate results they said they needed.

You see, the mystery of successful marketing is most often based in consistency, not magic. One anything; direct marketing postcards, rebate offers, trade shows etc. are highly unlikely to net you sustained long-term leads, prospects and ultimately, customers.

In our personal relationships, one event does not define them. Rather, it is an on-going series of interactions and remembrances that keep us connected to other individuals. Greeting cards, flowers, presents, phone calls and many other expressions of endearment help our personal relationships survive and grow.

In the same way, (to those who are receptive to it) you must commit to a never-ending series of integrated marketing communications campaign tactics like newsletters, emails, white papers, direct mail campaigns etc. to interest, excite and acquire new customers, and, keep them for the long haul. Relationships in business are built just like in our private lives, through constant attention and contact.

Just so you know, if you need more business, you need to commit to a sustained, never-ending integrated marketing communications program. If you don’t continually engage potential clients about who you are and what you do, you’re making it next to impossible for them to buy from you.

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