Old Man Winter Takes a Season Off . . . Your Marketing Cannot

b2ap3_thumbnail_oldmanwinter.jpgFor those of us living in New England this has been a pretty easy winter. In the past wintertime in New England has meant lots of snow, cold temperatures and icy roads -- basically a pain in the neck. NOT this winter though  . . . so far this year we have had very little snow, temperatures have been mild and we have not been subjected to dangerous roads to drive on. For some people -- like the skiers in the area -- this is not the weather they like but for most of us we are enjoying this lack of winter conditions. Either way, it is clear that Old Man Winter has taken some time off this season!

How would you like to be able to take a season off?

Unfortunately, marketing professionals are not able to take a season off like Old Man Winter. The Allied Group defines Marketing as "The combination of strategic plans and specific tactical actions done intentionally and consistently to influence the perceptions of a target audience or individual buyer in order to create, maintain or grow revenue." This definition can be broken down in a number of ways but a critical component to that definition is the word consistently.

Allied works with various industries: Life Science Marketing. Marketing in Medical Devices. Higher Education Marketing. For these industries, the messages and methods to reach prospects might differ but they all rely on on thing: Consistency. Marketing is not a "quick hit" strategy; rather a successful marketing program requires strategic planning, precise execution, and a strong follow-up plan . . . a successful marketing program should always have a "next step" and a consistent flow of efforts to reach your clients and prospects.

Very few (if any) marketing messages can be successful with one approach or attempt. A great example of consistent messaging in a restaurant that all of us have eaten: McDonalds. It is safe to say that everyone knows McDonalds, knows what they serve and knows what kind of experience you will have going there. Yet you are consistently exposed to their advertising: television, radio spots, billboards, newspaper ads, direct mail coupons to our homes.

Direct Mail. Email Campaigns. Web Design Branding. Social Media. QR Codes. There are many ways to communicate your marketing message. Just like a carpenter uses the tools in his tool belt, the marketing professional has many "tools" to create their consistent messages.

So going back to our original question of "How would you like to be able to take a season off?" - The answer is NO.

What will be your next step in your marketing efforts?

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