NCAA Rules...Please Help me Understand

NCAA Rules...Please Help me Understand

Not an Ohio State fan. I don't dislike them, just indifferent. I wouldn't say I'm a huge college football fan in general. Living in the Northeast, I'm more of a fan of professional sports. For some reason, my observation is that puts me (us) in the minority compared to the rest of the country.

As a full service fulfillment company that also offers corporate marketing communications services, The Allied Group has its rules. For instance, we have a code of conduct (that includes things like policies on harassment), work hours, proper attire, vacation policy, sick days, personal days etc... And I suppose that if anyone were to violate any of these rules, they could expect consequences. Probably anything from a warning, to termination.

But we all understand that a lot of these things are simply The Allied Group's rules, not laws. We couldn't be arrested for abusing our sick days. Or be under criminal investigation for wearing a sleeveless t-shirt.

The NCAA, to me, seems to be a bit fuzzy on this. Now I suppose I haven't heard about any criminal charges looming for Jim Tressel at Ohio State, but doesn't it seem like it? And I know that I've got a lot of NCAA "baggage" influencing my thoughts (problems at Michigan, Memphis, Kentucky, UNLV, Tennessee...just to name a few off the top of my head), but doesn't it all seem to have a "criminal" tone to it?

A lot of the problems stem from some Ohio State players selling "their" Big Ten Championship rings and the Gold Pants they receive for beating Michigan. To me, if it is "yours", then you have the right to do whatever you want with it. If you give somebody something, but tell them that they have to use it under your guidelines, then it isn't really theirs then. So, which is it?

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