Marketing: There Is No Finish Line

Marketing: There Is No Finish Line

I recently had the opportunity to compete in the 13th Annual Reach the Beach Relay. This is a relay race where 12 people get together and run 200 miles as a team over 24 hours. The team was driving overnight in 2 vans following our teammates run from Cannon Mountain to Hampton Beach in beautiful New Hampshire. It may sound to crazy to the non-runners out there but I assure you it is an awesome event, with lots of camaraderie, teamwork and support. I was in awe that at any time there was always someone from our team running, helping the entire team "reach the beach" at Hampton!

As I was running my legs throughout the 24-hour timeframe, I was seeing the comparison between a running relay and a business marketing plan: There is no downtime!

Whether you are marketing in medical devices, life science marketing or if you are a higher education marketing firm, it is an ongoing effort. Consumers today are inundated with information and it is a necessity to keep the marketing plan always moving. Similar to a relay team, a marketing effort requires a plan for constant action and there needs to be constant motion. Like a strong relay team, there needs to be a chain of activities to keep the momentum going.

There is web design branding; there is promotional imprinted products; there are lead generation agencies; there are many more other marketing tactics that can be used. Whatever you use, it is critical to maintain a plan of regular contact and communication with clients, prospects and "friends" of your company.

Unlike a relay race, there is no finish line in marketing your business!

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