Marketing collateral - as important as ever

Here at The Allied Group we know how important effective marketing collateral can be to our clients so it was interesting when I came across a recent survey published by a west coast media firm.

Eccolo Media has been conducting an annual survey of U.S. business technology purchasers to better understand how they perceive and use marketing collateral in the sales cycle. The 2010 survey was recently completed and included responses from senior business executives as well as managers and specialists. While the survey was limited to technology buyers, the findings definitely provide valuable insights into the practices of buyers who purchase complex products and services, regardless of what they may be.

The findings are intriguing...

White papers seem to have the greatest influence on purchasing decisions among executives. White papers took the top spot with 39% of buyers stating they were the most influential of marketing collateral.

Case studies, brochures, and white papers are still the most frequently used types of marketing collateral with 83% of respondents saying they had used brochures, 76% using white papers, and 67% using case studies within the past six months to evaluate vendors.

The most important place for marketing collateral is the company website. Potential buyers are going directly to the company website to find valuable information on products and services.

These marketing materials are being gathered early in the buying process. Most potential buyers are gathering marketing collateral before they even initiate or take calls from vendors.

The bottom line is that marketing material is still very important to potential buyers as well as to your marketing communication strategies. Please contact us if you would like to discuss our corporate marketing services and how they may fit into your lead generation methods.

To read the full report click here.

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