Marketing and Foliage: Season for Change

For those of us lucky to live in New England, we experience all four seasons. Right now we are in Foliage Season - leaves change colors and signals the end of the Fall. In addition to locals doing long weekends and day trips up to Northern New England, our region is invaded by folks from all over the country visiting to "catch the foliage."


As the leaves change, it does remind me of the cycles that a marketing program takes. Business, like the foliage, have changes, some season to season and some week to week. With the current economy and the rapid evolution of technology, change comes fast and furious.

With this change often comes the constant need for evaluation. Do you regularly assess your current situation? Have you ever worked with a top direct marketing agency? When was the last time you reviewed your integrated marketing communications campaign? Can you even remember the last time you thought to buy promotional products?

Many companies do not ask these questions often enough. Not asking questions can be a devastating decision. You know your business better than anyone so you know better than anyone that you need to re-evaluate many times during the course of the year.

With foliage, we have the benefit of knowing that - without doing anything - the colors will come back every year. We don't get that same benefit in the business world.

What will your season of change bring for your business?

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