It's the Most Wonderful (Marketing) Time of the Year

It's the Most Wonderful (Marketing) Time of the Year

Holiday season is busy time of year . . . very busy. Holiday parties. Buying Gifts. Year-end tasks at work. Seeing relatives. There are many things that happen at the end of the year that no doubt make this a stressful time. BUT despite all the stress, we love it!
We love this time of year?? Yes, we do! I will concede the fact that now and then you run into a person who plays "Ebeneezer Scrooge" but overall people love the hustle and bustle of the season! What is it that makes us enjoy this stress? I say marketing!

This season is loaded with marketing to get us pumped up. Start with the traditional start of the holiday season: Black Friday. People used to plan shopping excursions the day after Thanksgiving; now they are planned on Thanksgiving. Check out your Sunday paper with all the advertisements; if you are strong enough to pick it up, you will see loads of ads for that "can't miss" offer at Store X. Drive by any shopping mall until December 24 at closing time and you will see plenty of evidence of the mania that is holiday season.

Does your business create a buzz even close to the holiday season? Are your marketing communications strategies gripping your clients for the entire month of December? Do you have an integrated marketing communications campaign that leaves clients waiting in your parking lot to buy more? Are your marketing and sales support personnel exhausted at the end of their workday because the sales activity was through the roof?

We might acknowledge that the buzz from holiday season is just temporary and will be over on December 26 . . .

BUT wouldn't we all like to have that excitement in our business now and then? What can your business do to help you look like your marketing was done by a top direct marketing agency?

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