Is the NFL Lockout Good for Anyone?

Is the NFL Lockout Good for Anyone?

I suppose I have to preface this by stating that I'm coming at this strictly from the perspective of a fan. I haven't really studied the case...only exposed to what I hear on talk radio and ESPN etc... But I also have to say that I don't fall into that group that throws it all into the "billionaires fighting with millionaires...they're all just spoiled brats" category that some certainly seem to. To me, there has to be some legitimacy to the whole situation and fair labor negotiation is probably something that has served us all well at some point.

Maybe I'm short-sighted, but I just don't see how this is good for anyone. As a New England marketing organization, we're in a great part of the country to leverage the success or our 4 major sport franchises for marketing purposes. Whether we're marketing to college students, or developing marketing communication strategies for a regional manufacturer, there is always a way to create a strong campaign centered around these franchises and/or these individual professional athletes.

So what happens now? What if this thing drags on and on? What if there is no season? Again, strictly from a fans perspective, I would think the impact of that would be somewhat drastic. For everyone! How can owners afford to have these stadiums and facilities sit idly? Even if you make $5 million a year as a player, how can you afford to go a year without getting paid? We all pretty much live to our standards and the income we make—if you make $50,000 a year, could you go a year without getting paid? What about all the other employees, vendors and associated businesses that depend on the NFL for their livelihood?


As a top direct marketing agency in New England, The Allied Group relies on the Patriots and Patriot players for marketing and sales support initiatives. They have been/are/will be the center of an integrated marketing communications program. As season ticket holders, the Patriots have been a great business development and relationship tool for existing customers and prospecting efforts for us.

So I guess for now all we can do is wait and see. But for everyone's sake, I hope this gets resolved soon so we can look forward to Sunday afternoons in the Fall with big screen TV's, chips & dip, cold beverages and way too many friends stuffed in a small living room spilling things on the carpet and couch! Now on to the NBA...

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