If it doesn't speak to us, we ignore it!

If it doesn't speak to us, we ignore it!

Can you fill in the missing words: “Plop, plop, fizz, fizz...? If you can, you’ve proven you’re not only over 35 years old, you’re also living, breathing proof of the effectiveness of great creative messaging. That vintage Alka Seltzer ad campaign ran back in the 60’s and 70’s, yet most people can still belt out the jingle as if they’d just heard it on their way in to work today. Why? Because Alka Seltzer’s message was concise, memorable, benefit-oriented, frequent and distinctly unique. In fact ‘distinctly unique’ may be the most important factor that contributed to its lasting success.


Today, marketers are competing for attention in an increasingly noisy world. We know that readers, viewers and listeners will give us less than seconds 7 to capture their attention. If we haven’t gotten them to notice us in that tiny time frame, we’ve pretty much wasted our investment and we haven’t communicated a thing.

As fun as it might seem, marketing is actually a practical practice with a definite means to a definite end. That end is to increase profits. For the marketing and creative team at The Allied Group, achieving that end for our clients begins by asking these three questions: 1) Who is the target market? 2) What do they want? 3) Why should they get it from our client?

Giving this process its due diligence is critical since the answers establish the framework for the entire marketing strategy. Next, our team evaluates marketing channels and recommends the ones that will provide the best chance that our messaging will effectively reach our client’s target. Only then do we begin to get busy developing supportive and compelling, persuasive messaging, copy and design.

Even though we are players in a climate that’s teeming with marketers who ceaselessly inundate nearly every aspect of daily life with messages that plead for ‘just a few moments of our time’, at Allied we know that people still pay attention to promotional messages that are relevant to them—especially messages that speak to them personally. Incorporating variable and personalized messaging and design has proven to be an extremely effective direction we pursue in order to ensure the success of our marketing efforts on behalf of our clients. Variable messaging and design for print, web and email is also a core competency of The Allied Group.

Marketing today affords us unprecedented channel choices—text messaging, facebook, twitter, linkedin, websites, broadcast, print... But even in the face of all of these enticing channel options, the absence of great creative can cause even the most well planned, highly strategized marketing effort to fall flat on its face.

So while we work to increase profits for our clients and ourselves, let’s not lose sight of the fact that for any marketing and communication initiative to succeed, great creative still matters!

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