If a Tree Falls in the Woods...

If a Tree Falls in the Woods...

Well who cares if it falls in the woods! I guess what we mean is that the "act" itself doesn't matter as much as the audience. As the "storm-of-the-century" leaves behind sunny New England skies and power lines down throughout this area, one thing is sure: it had a captive audience.

Texts, alerts, blog posts, tweets, Facebook posts etc...you name it! If you're selling corporate marketing communications services, are you paying attention? If you're running a business and are looking for lead generation methods that work, are you paying attention? Does it really take a brand new Jeep to get ruined to get our attention?

It illustrates the importance of building an integrated marketing communications program to ensure that your message is broadcast as effectively as it can be.

In these stormy times, people are still listening. And, based on what I saw over the last few days, they are taking action when the call-to-action is compelling. Psychologically, I'm seeing a lot of fundamentals too. Here are a few: Reciprocity - people are helping people, and, in turn, those people are helping other people. Scarcity - when it becomes clear that something you need will be in limited supply, people will move! Consensus - when people are not sure what to do, they follow the actions of those around them. Authority - people rely on those with superior knowledge or wisdom to guide them.

Maybe the biggest recommendation I could make is simple - observe! Look at what's going on around you. Look at your friends, neighbors, colleagues and classmates. Effective marketing communication strategies are rooted in the basics. The fundamentals of how people communicate, interact and engage. It IS part science, but not of the rocket variety!

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