How to Run a Successful Golf Tournament - Tip 2

Set a budget and respect it.

Golf tournaments are unique in that they are the biggest expense, and the first on the list is the cost of the round.  After that price is set, it's time to figure out the other details of food, drinks, gift bags, prizes and anything else that is being provided.

Consider food and drink carefully.  Alcohol and food get very expensive.  Ask yourself, "How much food are you going to give somebody on the course, how many drinks are they allowed to have before they start paying for their own, how will the food get from the clubhouse to the volunteers on the course, and who wants what food?"

Don't forget your give-aways!

Golfers are notorious for appreciating goodie bags.  The players may be giving money to charity but they will always ask "What's in the bag?" The trick is to pick something the attendee will use again and sets you apart from the other sponsors. Contact The Allied Group for unique ideas for your goodie bags and ways we can help with Third Party Fulfillment

More tips to follow...

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