Have Another Plate of Marketing!

Have Another Plate of Marketing!

My favorite holiday of the year is Thanksgiving! Between the four-day weekend, not having to buy presents, and seeing old friends at the Turkey Classic Road Race in my hometown, Thanksgiving is WITHOUT A DOUBT the best weekend of the year! OK, who's kidding who . . . eating all the delicious food makes this a great weekend as well! "Pass the Turkey" - "How about some more cranberry?" - "Any of that stuffing left?" . . . building a dinner plate at the table on Thanksgiving Day brings a smile to anyone who like to eat (like me).

Marketing is not much different that the dinner table on Thanksgiving Day: As turkey, stuffing and cranberry are all "pieces" of your dinner plate, you can use different pieces/tactics to help build your marketing plate.

As you sit down for dinner on Thanksgiving, you ask, "Hmmm, what am I in the mood for? Turkey? Stuffing?"  

As you sit down for planning a marketing strategy, you ask, "Where does my business need help in the marketing area?"

Does your marketing appetite savor more leads? Then hire one of the local lead generation agencies out there. Maybe you have a favorite aunt who has a special apple pie recipe and you would not think of trying to do it yourself when she can bring it? Well, why would you try to generate more leads without an expert to help?

Does your marketing appetite need more promotional product ideas? Same thing - leave the apple pie to that favorite aunt and leave the creative choices for promotional products to someone who is expert at that field.

How good is your website? My guess is you are expert at your own business and maybe not so much at being the "webmaster" . . .  that is OK, focus on what you are good at and outsource that task to a firm that can redesign websites.

By now, you are getting the idea . . . while we look forward to a great holiday weekend, remember just two things about marketing and Thanksgiving:

1.  You have lots of choices to build the dinner plate/marketing plan that you/your business wants. Try a little of everything and go back for seconds on the food/tactics that work.

2. Let the experts do the things that are not your core business. Like that aunt with her fabulous apple pie, does it make sense to do it yourself when it can be done by the "apple pie expert"? 

Happy Thanksgiving!

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