Guaranteed Results in minutes a day! Really?

Attending a recent "Get Motivated" Infomercial in Providence recently, I was overwhelmed by how easy it is to be incredibly successful. Guaranteed Results !  Bigger... Faster... Better...  Thinner...  Stronger... 

Sounds perfect right? Why wait... The cure for all your troubles is right here waiting.....  Click here ...  Download this...  No risk...  No Obligation...  Instant Results...

The featured guests included the "A" list of the worldwide speaker tour: Colin Powell, Rudy Giuliani, Lou Holtz, Terry Bradshaw - and best of all, everyone's favorite TV dad - Bill Cosby. These powerful speakers brought personal stories and interesting anecdotes all touching on three important themes: God, America and Business.

In between the speakers, the "pitch" was on. The room was full of people hungry for expert wisdom and guidance on how to become wealthy, independent and widely successful via Internet based: investing, real estate and affiliate marketing. For a very low monthly investment - you can join the ranks of millionaire's from ages 4 to 85 who have used these tools to become wealthy in just 90 days.

Now, it's possible that these tools could work and you could be a millionaire in 90 days. In full disclosure - I am a big fan of God, America and Business. I am also a big fan of ROI and of success. I've also seen some exciting business development programs - but none of them worked their magic in quite the same way.

Some bad news.... Managing and growing your personal brand or your corporate brand takes time. There is no panacea, no cure all, no "get results overnight guaranteed" program. Marketing and Sales success evolves from a prolonged, diversified, and intentional effort. Whether you are in Sales and Marketing in Medical Devices, Higher Education, Non-Profit, Insurance or any other field - the keys to success are the same. 

Success is the result of nurturing prospects and clients, providing them valuable content and solving problems. Not exactly rocket science. Good old fashioned business sense. Success comes from working with a Strategic Marketing Consultancy or a Business Process Outsourcing Solutions Provider who will help you build the right model:

  • Research and Analysis:  who are your best prospects?
  • Data Appending:   what is of interest to them?
  • Nurture Marketing: how best to speak to them?
  • Lead Generation:  how can they easily interact with you?

What you will end up with is an Integrated Marketing Campaign that leverages email, web, print, mobile, events and social media.... Combining the best of print and digital to

Some good news....  This infomercial - was free.

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