Feeling the Power

My wife and I took our kids this week to Washington D.C. I have been to D.C. a couple times before, both as a kid and as an adult, but each time I go I am reminded of the "power" I feel when I am there. As a tourist, I know it is a small area to cover, but as a citizen I realize that HUGE decisions are made there that affect the entire world - there is a powerful presence about the place.

Many of us are not in the business of government but your company needs to exude that same power. Whether you are handling a lead generation program, a mail order fulfillment service, or a web design branding project, all companies should make their clients feel that same "power" that one feels when walking the streets of the nation's capitol.

Showing your clients a sense of power and confidence breeds a strong partnership that can survive the turmoil that comes in any business relationship. Clients need to know that you are "in charge" when they turn over a critical project and you are managing it with the care given to a high-level governmental initiative.

What have you done today to show your top clients that you are "powerful" and in charge of their business?

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Playing Your Role

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