Facebook vs. Google+...and the War is on!

Or is it? I guess it technically started June 28th. But I haven't really heard too much of an uproar or witnessed too many battles. Google reports that Google+ is up to 18+ million users so far...after just under 1 month. Also reporting to be adding an average of about 750,000 users per day (with a peak of about 2 million per day 2 weeks ago). So, before we can start thinking about corporate marketing services and how to use/leverage Google+ for local lead generation for example, should we sit back and see where it's going to go first?




If anyone knows me, they've heard me say many times that "Google rules the world". And right now they do. They won't forever. But Facebook, with 750+ million users, certainly rules the social networking world and has blossomed into a legitimate corporate marketing communications tool/medium. But in a recent survey of 700,000 US consumers, Facebook is the least popular social media site with regard to user satisfaction. So could you say that for the past couple of years, they were kind of the only game in town and even though people have griped a bit about their user experience, it hasn't really prohibited them from adopting it?


So what are we to expect from Google+? The Google+ iPhone app has quickly become the #1 free app on iTunes. And while they still have some time to go to reach 750 million, are we really talking about 3.5 years to get there (based on 18 million per month)? Google gets considerably better user ratings. Albeit in different categories up until now, is it realistic to think that Facebook will continue to thrive given that Google does rule the world?


As a leading New England Marketing company, there's a fine line between being an observer and a player. You have to know when to get in the game. Maybe it all comes down to whether I want to "like" and be "liked", or prefer to travel in "circles" or have "acquaintances". Hmm, not sure. I didn't really want to have to think about that.


Let me know what you think. I've got a lot of "friends" who are "users"...I know you have opinions...let's hear them!

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