Expect The "Unexpected"

Last weekend the Northeast was hit with an unexpected snowstorm. There was a decent amount of snowfall, very high winds, and the snow was very heavy, creating some power lines to come down. Many folks lost their power and are still waiting days later for it to be restored.

OK, those of us who live in New England should not be surprised by this weather, right? But in October? This definitely was an unexpected weather event for this time of the year and people had to act quickly and change their normal plans for what would normally be a beautiful Fall weekend in New England.

These unexpected events happen in the business world every day. Something happens and it forces a business to change their own plans and react to the change. Often times these are events our of your control (like unexpected weather) and you must handle the adversity . . . An economy starts to dip. A high-ranking executive leaves the company. A top client decides to end a relationship? Have any of these things happened to your firm?

Are you a college that has had an unexpected drop in enrollment? Maybe you need to revisit your student yield programs? Or tap into the knowledge of a higher education marketing firm?

Are you a business in need of sales leads? Maybe you need to hire one of the lead generation agencies? Or a strategic marketing consultancy to revamp your business plan?

Business today is full of unexpected events and those who can react survive; those who cannot will not have to worry about it. When that top client wants to end their relationship with your company, do you know what to do? How will you react? Is there a plan in place to retain this client? Often times the plan is that there is "no plan" and everyone scrambles . . . sometimes this works; most times it does not.

What is your company doing to expect "the unexpected"?

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